Apple Cider Vinegar helped cure my acne!

Today I‘d like to let you guys know how I used apple cider vinegar to help cure my acne.

As a teenager, I had pretty bad acne. Not anything too crazy and it did eventually get better, I think in the end due to a change in lifestyle and a switch to a healthy food diet. Many years have now past since then but recently I found spots coming back, and these weren’t little marks that I could easily hide. They were big, bold and very painful.

I tried a huge amount of conventional acne cures from cheap to very expensive options, but nothing seemed to be working. After some time a friend of mine suggested I tried using apple cider vinegar. At first I thought this sounded pretty crazy, but was willing to give anything a try by this point.  I went to my local Whole Foods store and purchased a bottle of apple cider vinegar, as well as the liquid i noticed that they also sold apple cider vinegar supplements in the form of capsules which I also added to my basket.

My routine for the first week involved drinking apple cider vinegar twice a day mixed with some water and honey to improve the taste, in addition to this I would put some on a cotton bud as wipe it across the problem areas on my face. This would stink slightly at first, but after a few days that stopped completely. I would also take one apple cider vinegar capsule after ever evening meal which seemed to aid digestion and reduce acid reflux dramatically.

I would say it was around the month mark after first starting to use apple cider vinegar that people first started mentioning to me about the improvements, I could tell my skin was healing before this point, but it’s always nice to have this affermed by friends and family.  It’s now been six months since if first started using apple cider vinegar and i can honestly say my skin feels better than it ever has in my life~! Give it a try.



how to drink apple cider vinegar to treat acne

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5 Responses to Apple Cider Vinegar helped cure my acne!

  1. AR Neal says:

    Great advice here–thank you for sharing it!
    Thank you also for following my blog 😉

  2. gpcox says:

    Apple cider = water = honey is a concoction my mother used to make me drink and lo and behold – the energy I started to get was amazing. Apple cider is good for a lot of things, thanks for bringing that point to others.

  3. daz says:

    I am 44 and suffered with acne all my life especially on my my back,for the last few months I’ve been drinking a tablespoon of ACV a squirt of honey and a thick slice of lemon in boiled water which I allow to cool before pouring into the cup first thing in the morning before eating anything I drink this in a mug,since doing this my back is now nearly completely clear for the first time ever,sometimes I put a little ACV in a bath(it doesn’t smell on your skin as it evaporates),I also suffer with gout and if I have an attack I pour a little on an old sock and put it on and allow it to soak into my gouty area and it helps get rid,I have also lost about 8 pounds since taking it.

  4. Unknown Jensen says:

    Didn’t think it works

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