The health benefits of raw organic Apple cider vinegar

I’m going to talk about the benefits of apple cider vinegar.  And why I specifically use it and the benefits it’s hard for me.

It’s been used as a medicine for hundreds of years, Hippocrates used it in 400BC as a medicine for all types of healing and cleansing.  Clinically it’s  been proven to help with diabetes, because it helps the body process sugar and also is an appetite suppressant.  Which of course makes it good for weight loss.   It can be used as a detox.  Potassium  helps to draw toxins out, help flush them out of your body.  It’s an excellent probiotic.  It’s got amino acids, which are good for exhaustion.  If you’ve been working out, it helps with recovery, preventing joint pain and leg cramps.  It also helps to clear the skin.  It’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial.  You can use it on cuts and it can help you from getting sick too.  It helps to alkalize the body.  Pretty well anything you can think of, it can play a role in healing.

I take and use Organic Cider Vinegar about twice a day.  I put two tablespoons into 32oz of water. I’ve noticed it suppresses my appetite and helps me with energy when I’m tired.  Another great thing about apple cider vinegar is the cost. A lot of super foods really can break the bank where as apple cider vinegar is a brilliant cost effective way of staying healthy.

Make sure you don’t just get it off the grocery store; it’ll be processed and refined and won’t have the beneficial bacteria that you’re looking for.

It’s definitely something you should check out!

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