DIY: How-to get rid of oily and waxy feeling hair!

Hey every one this video is a do it your self remedy that you can do at home that will help get rid of oily looking waxy hair. For the past week or so i’ve noticed that every time I wash my hair and let it dry naturally in the air, no matter how long I waited my hair still looked wet and slightly oily.

So I researched online and I found this recipe;

What you will need
• Baking soda
• Apple cider vinegar
• Baby shampoo
• Mixing bowl

Okay, so you’re going to want to have 3 things at your finger tips right now. You will want to have some sort of natural or baby shampoo. You will also need a ½ table spoon for measuring purposes and a mixing bowl.

Add some baby shampoo into your mixing bowl next I add two table spoons of baking soda and mix them together until it forms a paste.  Next apply the paste to the crown of your head, but avoid getting it on the ends of your hair as this will dry them out and may increase split ends.

After leaving the paste in your hair for five to ten minuets, wash it out using apple cider vinegar. (Be aware this stuff smells nasty but the smell wont stay in your hair for long, so don’t worry).  Once you have removed all the baking soda paste from your hair using the apple cider vinegar, I suggest a quick wash with the baby shampoo we used to make the paste with.  This will help remove the smell of ACV from your hair.

Hope this helps guys – I know it did for me.

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One Response to DIY: How-to get rid of oily and waxy feeling hair!

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