Apple Cider Vinegar Case Study ( Mellisa from Shropshire )

woman making apple cider vinegarI started first using apple cider around 4 years ago after a good friend of mine mentioned that it can be used to help with acid re-flux.  I had been suffering from this for years and at that’s point was ready to try anything. I must admit I was highly skeptical but as I say I was willing to give anything a try. The first time I tasted the apple cider vinegar I was amazed how a liquid extracted from apples could taste so vile! But after feeling some instant results I decided I must persevere. The next day there was a definite improvement in my heartburn and acid levels. I done a PH test and found that overnight the apple cider vinegar had helped my body dramatically alkalize it. I couldn’t believe it, I felt great.

I continued taking apple cider vinegar daily for the next year although admittedly I did start adding organic honey to my daily drink to help combat its vile taste. I can honestly now say that for the first time I tried apple cider vinegar, I haven’t suffered from acid reflux problems once! This really is a remarkable liquid.

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2 Responses to Apple Cider Vinegar Case Study ( Mellisa from Shropshire )

  1. Piddy says:

    Hi Mellisa.
    Thank you very much for your post. I have been taking ACV for acid reflux but not religiously as I also have been doubting it’s curative capabilities. I would now want to seriously take it but would like to ask what quantity of water/ACV you have been using and how often a day.

    • acvhub says:

      Hi I’m afraid Mellisa sent us in this case study and we havent been able to contact here to ask for a answer to your question. The general advise how ever is two table spoons of ACV in half a pint of water, sipped through the day. Hope this helps and thanks for reading our blog.

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