Make your own apple cider vinegar from apple cores

Have you ever wanted to try making your own apple cider vinegar from home? Well in this great tutorial the guys from explain just how its done. And to make it even better all you need is the core of apples you have already made use off.

Today I would like to talk to you about apple scrap vinegar i’ve been dealing with all my apple making apple sauce, apple butter and usually what I do is core the apple using this wonderful contraption. What you are left with is lots of apple cores. So what can we do with these?

Well some people compost them, some people throw the away and some people add them to there bags to great vegetable stock. But after doing my research I came across a recipe explaining how to turn these into home made APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

Ive actually been doing this one here for about two weeks so far and i’ve already removed the apples. I actually used honey with this , in the recipe I called for rapadura sugar but I didn’t have any available but it seems to be working just great with the honey.

I don’t have a cheese cloth, so again i’ve improvised by using a kitchen towel and and rubber band to secure the breathable lid to my jar this helps the apple cider vinegar to ferment

What to do

  • Simply add around 9 pounds of apple cores to a glass jar 
  • add ¼ of a cup of warm water + ¼ of a cup of rapadura sugar
  • make a lid for your jar using cheese cloth and paper towel if you don’t have any cheese cloth available like me
  •  All that is left to do is leave you jar to a cool dry place for around one month
  • This should be long enough for the apples to ferment a leave you with a great rich tasting apple cider vinegar”


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