My apple cider vinegar breakthrough!

I’m going to start doing some shows on clean eating so I figured id let you know some of my top tips as far as clean eating goes.

A friend of mine actually recommended a really good product which is believe it or not apple cider vinegar. I know a lot of you will be like ‘vinegar ohh no!’ but you know what she swore by this so I decided to do some research and my god was I impressed!

Basically apple cider vinegar is not like the clear vinegar you will be used to from your local super market which is filtered and processed losing a lot of its health giving properties. The kind I’ve been using is called braggs.  When you do by your vinegar make sure it says including mother as this is the part with most of the health health giving enzymes.

Apple cider vinegar what do you do with it?

Don’t ever drink straight out of the bottle as it can be very strong and cough burn your throat instead simply add a couple of tea spoons full to a glass of water and stir, I sometimes use sparkling soda water to a nice refreshing change. Some people find the taste a little tart to handle if this is the case for you simply add a spoon full of organic honey and stir till dissolved this can turn a slightly nasty tasting drink into a sparkling summer treat!

Other great uses for apple cider vinegar include a natural skin toner , amazing product for natural hair care f your considering joining the nopo revaluation J that’s all I have time for today but hope you find the info useful

Thanks guys!

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