Apple Cider Vinegar – Acne Treatment?

Hi guys this is dave the skin king , today I want to share with a acne treatment that is really beneficial

This is braggs apple cider vinegar as you can see I hope, its a organic sour and kind of bitter acidic liquid and when you put it on your skin your skin is going to sting a little. Whats its doing is killing bacteria and cleaning your pours and it works amazingly for this.

First things first your going to want to wash your face using a natural soap , don’t use any of the main stream products . After you have washed your face what your going to want to do is fill a small spray bottle with apple cider vinegar and give it a little shake.

Close your eyes and spray the acv onto your face remember to keep your eyes closed after spraying just because you don’t wanna get it in your sensitive areas. Apple cider vinegar is acidic but its alkaline forming which is similar to lemons and limes meaning its great for your skin and its great for your body. Something like soda for example is acidic and it stays acidic when it enters your body too, so you don’t want to be drinking that.

So as i’m sure you can see this is a great simple way to help treat any acne problems and costs next to nothing to get started with so guy and buy some apple cider vinegar today.

Thats it for today guys , this is dave the skin king signing out.

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