Apple cider vinegar health benefits


Hey guys welcome back , today i’m going to do another health related video

As many of your guys already know i’m all all about eating health and maintaining a clean diet because: A it makes me feels great and B it makes you look really good and your skin glow.

Today I want to share a health tip with you that I recently learnt about and i’ve been experimenting with.

The main ingredient is apple cider vinegar (ACV). Theres a lot of information about apple cider vinegar , which has always left me intrigued. Its a natural cure all remedy for people to use at home. People have been using it for century’s drinking it raw right out of the bottle for its various health benefits. I tried this once but i’m not a huge fan because the taste was really really strong. Recently i was in whole foods and I came across this new drink called ‘Vinki’ I thought the packaging was really neat, the main ingredient is apple cider vinegar so I though ‘let me give this a try’ this flavour is blueberry I also got one in pomegranate. I was expecting to be able to taste the apple cider vinegar but I can assure you they taste great and left no sour after taste.

benefits :

Taking vinegar daily can help regulate your body blood sugar levels and it can also balance out your PH levels, one of the best uses i’ve heard is detoxifying the liver this is why allot alcoholics use apple cider vinegar during rehab. Vinegar can also be use for beauty purposes i’ve read a lot about people using it wash their hair, to make their hair really shiny , it can help to remove excess build up of things like hair spray, gells and conditioners that just sit in your hair. Apple cider vinegar is great for giving your hair a nice cleanse. Like with most home or natural remedies these befits are not backed by much scientific proof but a lot of people take it through tradition and have seen really good results.
Vinki is naturally flavoured with anti oxidant rich foods like blue berries and pomegranates and I would 150 millions times prefer to drink this over having to drink the nasty tasting regular apple cider vinegar.

I’m really happy that i’ve discovered this vinegar i’m not about taking pills or any medicines i’m all about the natural pure way so when I found out about the health benefits of vinegar and the fact that it can cure heart burn and regulate sugar levels so i thought why not :). Im still not sure if ill be throwing back pure vinegar shots any time soon but in the mean time i’m going to finish of all the bottle i’ve got here at home and hopefully ill be enjoying it and feeling some of its health giving effects.

You could try of course by taking a shot of apple cider vinegar, you could mix it into a juice or you could go and pick up a vinki and see what you think.Just be careful when drinking raw apple cider vinegar neat because it is so strong it can be a little bit to strong for your teeth if the dosage is to high , so just keep that in mind. Moderation is the key

Thank you so much for watching I hope you all enjoyed this little health tutorial.

Annie Jaffrey.

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