Hi everyone today I wanted to talk about a house hold item i’m sure all of you have and it is something that has so many benefits, if you have seen any of my past tutorials you will already know i’m a massive fan of apple cider vinegar so I wanted to do a whole video on all of its benefits and exactly how I use it. So the first thing and the most important things is you need raw apple cider vinegar unfiltered and unpasteurized, you will see that the colour is a little brown in and there some sediments as you can see on the bottom of the bottle. Its these bits that contain all the enzymes and minerals. You don’t want use the processed ones and make sure its apple cider vinegar and not any of the other types available in your super market.

This is super easy to find iv seen it in every health store i’ve visited. The first thing I use it for is my skin, this acv has anti inflammation properties it works by killing the bacteria that acne thrives on well doing this it also returns your skin to its natural PH level so your skin will then have the ability to heal itself

what to do is take a empty bottle i’m using a old cleanser bottle and fill it with apple cider vinegar make sure you give the vinegar a good shake first as we want some of the mother that settles on the bottom to be in our mixture only fill your empty bottle half way and we are going to fill the other half with rosewater and glycrin. Rose water is another great product that i’m a huge fan of its really good for healing a moisturising your skin and glycrin is a hermetic so it will keep your skin nice and hydrated. Shake your bottle to mix the two products up and wallah! We are finished and now we have an all organic natural toner that you can use on your skin. I haven’t put any other products on today just so I can give you guys an idea of what this dose for my skin , it really gives you a nice clear glow and I really cant live without this stuff.

So every morning and night all I do is give it a little shake to mix those products just incase some of the sediment has settled and after I cleanse my skin I just take a cotton pad and and apply it all over my skin. It dose really smell like vinegar and it dose take a few minuets for the smell to disapate so if you really cant wait that long in the mornings you could always just use it at night time. Simply wait for it to dry then you can apply your favourite moisturiser. Every morning I drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with my glass of water. This helps you to make sure you have your glass of water every morning but apple cider vinegar has so many other benefits like healing the body , it lowers your blood sugar, weight loss, energy, digestion, lower cholesterol. Apple cider vinegar also has potassium which helps to prevent hair loss and brittle teeth as well as being a anti virus and fungal meaning its great at helping you fight of colds.

ACV is not a substitute for eating healthy but can be a great added bonus to your daily routine.

Have a great day guys 

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