Clean sooth and soften your feet with apple cider vinegar.

Hi guys today tutorial is going to be a how to make a foot treatment at home, so if you have been on your feet a lot then this is going to be really helpful for you. This foot treatment is going to be really soothing so its going to help with aching feet and swollen joints things like that. Its also preventative meaning it will help prevent fungus growth and smelly feet.

So what we are going to need is a tub something like this one what ever your feet can fit in. My one was very cheap from a discount store so it doesn’t have to break the bank. Next we are going to go ahead a fill the the tub with warm water, you want this to be as hot as possible as its going to call down very quickly. Only fill with water to about ¾ of the way up your tub as we want to leave some space for are secrete ingredients.

The very first thing we are going to add is my favourite thing on the planet Apple cider vinegar! Just one cupful, what apple cider vinegar is going to do for us is its pretty much going to be are preventative property. Apple cider vinegar is really good at preventing and treating fungal infections I know thats sounds pretty gross but if you don’t wear socks in your shoes you run the risk of getting a fungal infection. Also if your feet are itching or its really bad you just use this one time and your going to feel instant relief.

The next ingredient we are going to add is epsom salt. Epsom salt is really easy to find you can find it at bargain prices at your local pound store. Epsom salt has a soothing kind of property to it die to the high levels of magnesium sulphate. Magnesium sulphate when adsorbed through the skin draws out toxins and also sedates the nervous system which means your mussels will feel really relaxed and it also is used to draw out oders so if you have smelly feel this could be the one for you.

So once you have all that stuff in the give it a little mix and put your feet in there for 20 minuets minimum this gives the apple cider vinegar time to work its magic, after this you can go ahead and remove any dead skin by lightly rubbing your feet with a pumice stone.

At this point its time to remove your feet from the solution give them a good dry then use some oil I tend to use baby oil but any good oil and super hydrating will do and really cover your feet in it using more then you would normally use. Next to give the oil a chance to soak in we are going to cover the feet with a plastic bag and leave it for around two hours. This is really gonna let it absorb all the moisture. Although this dose take a long time I assure you its well worth the wait when you remove the plastic bags you will be amazed at how soft and supple your feel feel to the touch.

Hope you guys found this useful.

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