Making Home Made Apple Cider Vinegar

Hey Guys, back to basics Gail here.

Today I’m going to discuss with you how to make apple cider vinegar you will notice the label here just says its apple cider vinegar the natural choice, well in my opinion there is nothing natural about pasteurizing and filtering out all the health benefits from our products. From the research I’ve read the problem was the natural cider didn’t look good on the shelves due to the cloudiness and natural sediment. Anyway, so the manufacturer starting filtering and pasteurizing apple cider vinegar which resulted in all the health giving enzymes being removed from the product.

Here on this bottle you will see that on the label it says un pasteurized raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, it also says with the mother this is the bit that offers you all the unique health benefits.You can pick up this stuff at any health store or high end supermarkets.I also make my own apple cider vinegar with the mother unpasteurized unfiltered and raw. Costing just pennies to make, it’s real simple and easy to do. All you need is a clean glass jar and a little sugar also some filtered water if possible. Here is a example after I got done making the apple cider vinegar last time, thats apple cider vinegar on the right. I make wine vinegar as well, I just save all my unused wine whether it be red or white I keep them separated and make a batch of vinegar at the end of each month. But today we are going to be talking about the apple cider vinegar.

When buying apples I always buy organic apples. But what I’ve noticed is that even if they say organic your going to find that the the producer will add some type of wax on it they use to make the apple look better. The only place i’ve been able to get apples with out the wax is by going straight to the apple orchard in the fall. So when you have purchased apples your going to need to remove that wax. How I was my apples, especially the ones that have wax on them is I have them in warm water, I take a nice soft wash cloth and I rub it until the wax is off and you can tell once you have removed the wax using your fingers. Anyway, So make sure you remove all the wax. We will be using the peals and the cores I don’t throw anything away from the apple when I make apple cider vinegar.

The first thing your going to want to do after you wash them is take them and put them on a cutting board, peel the apple then slice the apple, I take the fruit and put that aside. I usually end up making a tart or a apple pie, maybe a cake with the fruit. All we need to make our cider is the core and the apple peals. This is the cores from all those apples and I believe in the batch I had 10 or 12 apples that I pealed and cored, you can see the fruit up the on the top right hand side in the stainless steel bowl their, I’m going to be making a pie with the fruit. But this is about how much of the skin and the cores that I have. Like I said I don’t throw anything away. Next thing you do, this is a pickle jar, I put all the apple scraps in a pickle jar and for every quarter cup of water I use you have to put the same amount of sugar. Stir it up to make sure the sugar has dissolved and pour it over the apples until they are submerged. Here you will see I have to keep a plate or a lid. I use a lid on top of the apple. You don’t want air to get to the apples. I keep a smaller lid just for my pickle jar that I use for fermenting. That will keep the apples cores and peals submerged underneath the water line, it will begin to ferment so you will see it start to bubble slightly.

 Once you get that plate on there you going to cover the jar with a cheese cloth I secure this with a rubber band and then put into a dark cabinet for around 6 – 8 weeks and you will be able to smell it

The reason you want to keep the cheese cloth on there is because you will have bugs trying to get in if you don’t use one. After the 6 – 8 weeks you just bottle it up put a cork in it and you have yourself some top quality apple cider vinegar!

 Hope you guys found this info handy!

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