ACV Tonic for High Blood Pressure & Skin Tags!

ACV Tonic for High Blood Pressure!


Hi this is Doctor Willan with a health fixer tip for high blood pressure & Skin tags

Its a type of tonic that you can try as a home remedy, mall it involves is taking apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons in 8 ounces of water you can add a little raw organic honey to sweeten it to your liking. I like to add a little cayenne pepper. A good way to get the pepper is to take a tea spoon and dip it into the pepper jar and get enough just to cover the tip, stir it into your glass of water acv.

Drink this as a daily tonic every morning and you can even do another glass later on in the day. Whats great about being able to monitor your blood pressure if you have a pump at home is that you can see the effects and make sure its working well for you.Try it today and see the results instantly.

Skin Tag Solution: Apple Cider Vinegar!

Skin tags are the little flap of of skin, tiny little flap that can form around your neck in your arm pit, behind your legs or any place where your skin creases or rubs from friction. They are very hard to get Reid of some people have had them for years. One things you can try that I have mentioned in another videos is alcohol and peroxide. Another thing people have had great success with is apple cider vinegar and you take little a little cotton ball put some acv on it and rub it on your skin tag. You have to do it two or tree times a day for sometime up to a week or more. You will notice the skin tag start to change colour and get darker after a week or so it should just fall off !

 Give them a try today!

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