Apple Cider Vinegar – Review 2013

Hi I have recently started having this kind of unusual drink, kinda a couple times a week. The first time I tried it I couldn’t even finish the glass but now for some weird reason I kinda like it , this is apple cider vinegar this is from a company called Braggs and this is their concord grape flavour.

I really still don’t care for the vinegar taste but mixed with the grape its okay and especially kinda chilled or having it like this on the rocks (on ice) tends to cover up that vinegar flavour and makes it more palatable. So I have been having it a couple of times a week and its supposed to have numerous benefits in weight loss. According to doctor Oz it dose something with your genes that will help to release proteins that help to burn fats.there has been a study showing that if you take a little bit of apple cider vinegar before bed I actually lowers your blood sugar levels.

It’s supposed to also help with cholesterol and high blood pressure. There not a whole lot of strong studies to support all this but sort of throughout the centuries people have used vinegar for all sorts of different folk remedies and people have sort of kept using it. Apparently its still very popular in other parts of the world, but in the US if you go to drink vinegar people look at your like your weird.

I remember because my mother used to drink it sometimes when I was a kid and we would do the easter eggs, where you take a couple of tables spoons of vinegar and you mix it round with a tablet so that you can so that you can die the egg. I remember my mother would always drink some of the vinegar and us kids were just like totally freaked out by that, and now its my turn to freak out my own kids. But regardless of all those studies I can tell you that this 60 ounce bottle has just 40 calories, it has a tiny bit of sugar and thats just about it and thats just from the apples presumably.

What im thinking and one way that it might even help promote the weight loss and help with the blood sugar and so forth is that, if your drinking this rather then drinking lets say a glass of apple juice or worst get some soda! Your really not getting much sugar and your not getting many calories but your getting a very flavourful drink. Throughout history one if the things about vinegar is that its supposed to fill you up with less food. Lets say if you have a piece of bread with vinegar that supposed to feel like a full meal.

So what ever the reason that you want to take it for it dose seem to be a relatively healthy drink and you probably don’t want to do it to excess but if you haven’t tried these out yea, this one seems to be very popular from what I have read.

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