Apple Cider Vinegar Revisited – Does it Cure Acne?

So, I found a really nice private headland out near where I live. There are some really really awesome views and no-one comes up here so its pretty cool. There is barr beach in Newcastle, Australia and hopefully i’ll be making some more videos up here. So in todays video I wanted to revisit the topic of apple cider vinegar, the reason is mostly because I’ve tried it and didn’t really like it. People use apple cider vinegar for acne two ways, one is internally and one is externally. With the external application the reason people use it it because its anti bacterial and its a naturally mild exfoliant. Internally its sort of – apple cider vinegar has been touted by all sort of people as being this miracle cure for everything that ills you, its an old folk remedy and apparently it does work quite well for some people including people with acne. Now, umm, theres a couple of reasons why this might be and something that I’ve learnt since I made the last video.

One is how important stomach acid is in getting rid of acne okay. If your stomach isn’t functioning properly and isn’t producing enough stomach acids then you cant digest your foods properly, and thats the first like in the whole line of digestion an assimilation and this kind of thing, if its not working properly then it just sets you up for problem after problem after problem. So, what they say apple cider vinegar can do is, they say that it can stimulate stomach acid so that you can digest your food well. Another thing that they say its good for that could potentially relate to acne is that the say it can lower blood sugar by preventing some of the sugars in your food from getting absorbed. So that’s two ways that acv could help you with acne.

Now I have used it in the past both internally and externally and I didn’t really like it, I found that on the skin It really stinks and personally it didn’t really help my acne but of course I’m only one person so I don’t want to be be dismissive of it like I was before. Another thing to remember is that its very strong so if you use it straight on your skin I think it could get very irritating. Like, i’m talking all over your face twice a day kinda thing I think that could quickly become sore. If you want to use it in your skin care routine, i’d recommend mixing it a little bit in with say honey or hobbo oil or what ever your using to moisturise your skin and use it like that, like heavily dilute it, or you can just dilute it with water.

I have actually, the reason I’m making the video is because i’ve actually been using it as a spot treatment and for that I’ve been using it straight. Um, I think its better to use it straight if its not all over your face all the time you know, I’ve actually found that it has been quite helpful. I’ve been experimenting with various other treatments that I didn’t really like. I mean manuka honey is really great as a spot treatment but if your going to use it over night your going to have to put a bandage on your face and then there is bentonite clay but you no having to go to bed Apple cider vinegar actually works pretty well just dipping a q-tip in there and putting it on your put and you can do that as many times a day as you want really.

Taking it internally, part of the reason I didn’t really like it is that I find it far to strong , if you just take it neat it really burns your throat okay. I took that as abad sign, you know I was saying about needing more stomach acid. You stomach acid is coated coated with something that basically protects your body from the acid unfortunately your oesophagus and your throat doesn’t have this same protective coating so when you take something like apple cider vinegar its burns it and its not really great for you. Now if your going to take it, what your supposed to do is mix 2 tablespoons in with a glass of water and drink it before a meal and it will help you to digest your food better. Personally I found it to still burn my throat a lot and I have read that it can also damage the enamel on you teeth, some people even recommend drinking it using a straw. Personally even diluting it I found it to be a little bit disgusting this is is probably just me as I know a lot of people who actually enjoy the taste of it.

I do always make sure I have a bottle of it around my house, I use it if I’m going to soak grains or something where you need to leave them in an acidic medium so I use it for that, I just put a bit in to soak my grains. Um, the other thing I use it for is your can make really really great salad dressing with it so you can eat it and you don’t even have to just sip it in water. But if you want to do that just give it a try.

When your getting apple cider vinegar it has to be raw, un pasteurised and unfiltered okay its really important that you remember that. Bragg’s is probably the most p[popular brand but there are many other great ones about.

So any way thats all I have time for today but hope to be back again soon

The love vitamin

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