Home Remedy for Acne – Apple Cider Vinegar


 Hello every one I am here today with something wonderful for you this bottle right here is the cure for acne , I know it sounds to good to be true but trust me the only person in the world with worse skin than me is Michael jackson.

This is a home remedies I discovered last yea and it has really worked well for me. Basically what this is, is apple cider vinegar. I don’t know if you have heard of it but its just another kind of vinegar that is distilled from apples. Now um, Using this is just as simple as doing this.

That was simply a glass of water with a splash of the apple cider vinegar init. Now I’m not very scientific about this but I think the recommended amount is 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to eight ounces of water. Drinking that twice a day is supposed to help clear your skin up, and in my case it helped a lot. The results are not instantaneous of course you will have to wait a week or two before you start seeing the difference, but it dose make a big difference. As for how it tastes, well, to be honest its not that bad. Its very similar to drinking lemon or lime juice in water. Some people do mix honey with it to help sweeten it and make it taste better not only dose this help clear your skin up but its supposed to give your hair more of a healthy glow.

As you can see it is very foggy, the apple cider vinegar you buy from the store is normally clear which means its been filtered and has all the health giving parts removed so you do want to buy the raw organic kind. The most popular brand in the us is Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar it really is not that expensive with a big bottle not costing more then $5 – $6

Another perk for drinking is on days like today when I have a sore throat it can really help to sooth it. Now your meant to sip this slowly I don’t think your meant to quickly because it might upset your stomach.

So there you have it its affordable, its easy there is no reason not to try it! 

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