How long until the effects of apple cider vinegar are shown ?

This is really a broad question and it really dose depend on what type of effect your talking about. For example apple cider vinegar is very tart so your gonna get that look on your face as soon as you taste it. Some body who’s trying to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss is going to be waiting a long time because it doesn’t necessarily help with weight loss, one of the studies showed it had a modest effect took four weeks and there was only a two pound weight loss at the end of it. So again thats only one study, its about the only study thats shown any kind of effect from apple cider vinegar on weight loss in particular and again it was a very modest effect.

As far as diabetes goes there is actually more research being done in that areas, and thats something that did show more of a immediate effect in some people according to the studies the dosage that was used was 2 tablespoons of acv just before a meal in these people they did see a reduction in their blood glucose values after there meal, as compared to the days where they ate similar meals without the vinegar so that was a fairly immediate reaction to how ever long in actually took them.

To actually eat their particular meal, they waited until two hours after and then they tested there blood glucose levels, and it was a few points lower, I believe the drop was between 4 and 6 percent in the groups that had been studied. So for diabetes and glucose, in some of the preliminary tests it has shown some effects within a couple of hours.

So again it kinda depends on what effect your looking at, and the other thing to keep in mind for some one if you do have diabetes you don’t want to go out and try and treat yourself just using apple cider vinegar. Remember these are only preliminary findings and there is still a lot of research to be done there isn’t enough hard evidence to recommend using acv on its own to treat your diabetes.

Here is some  proof that apple cider vinegar can dissolve gallstones as well as liver stones. Fresh liver and gall bladder stones are used for the experiment the were produced during a liver flush.

To help dissolve stones within your body we recommend drinking lost of fresh water with apple cider vinegar for around 7 days to give the vinegar enough time to react with the stones inside your system. Compared to the liver flush where you flush out whole stones by the hundreds, taking apple cider vinegar is not nearly as effective at riding the body of liver and gallstones.

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