Apple Cider Vinegar – Natures whole body fixer

This is Bragg’s apple cider vinegar; this is some good stuff here. Can you see that people? There are other brands out there, but I don’t really recommend those. But, if you gotta do vinegar, let it be apple cider vinegar, see when you’re messing around with that distiled vinegar that you should never be consuming that stuff ‘I’m talking about the white distiled vinegar’ this stuff in many cases is not even coming from plants or crops it is coming from laboratory’s so you have to be careful of this white distiled vinegar.

But when you’re messing around with that white distilled vinegar you better watch out because that’s some dangerous stuff, I mean man that stuff is acidic. It eats up the red blood cells; the red blood cells are eaten up by the vinegar. It eats up y’all blood man, Vinegar! Y’all hear that, ladies? Because I know you like your pickles and they make the pickles with the white distilled vinegar. It eats up your blood, It eats up your blood, It eats up your blood! It’s not a food! And you will find white distilled vinegar as a ingredient in a lot of commercial products including mustard, but read the label of the so called food stuffs you but from the super casket / supermarket. White distilled vinegar has no place within the body. When inside the human body, it breaks down into acidic acid and this stuff is corrosive, it will burn a hole in your intensities in the same way aspirins could. So you have people drinking white vinegar and taking aspirins as if that’s a healthy thing to do, and then wonder why they suffer from ulcers, well let me tell you it’s the vinegar that’s doing it.

So if you must use vinegar, the best type is apple cider vinegar it’s the king or the queen of the vinegar world! This stuff here is a natural solvent. So when you’re making your natural extract. You don’t need to use alcohol and a solvent for your extracts. All you need is a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 16 ounces of herbal extract that’s all you need, it’s a great solvent. I used apple cider vinegar in my extracts that I produce for the D-health store, I don’t use alcohol. No, why would I use that alcohol is a poison. I use apple cider vinegar!

This stuff is also good for dandruff, hair problems and scalp problems. And I mean this stuff really works, it will leave your hair very healthy and very shiny I really think that everybody should have a jar of apple cider vinegar in the kitchen cabinet. Okay, everybody should have a bottle of this.

Things every kitchen should have

  • You should always have a jar or a packet of activated charcoal
  • You should always have a bottle of apple cider vinegar
  • And you should always have a packet of Cayenne pepper

Those are the three basic things you should have in your kitchen medicine cabinet. So if you’re suffering from any kind of scalp condition start using apple cider vinegar and watch the change. This stuff also makes a great ingredient for a natural astringent because of the PH balance you see the skin is naturally acidic. In the mouth, is naturally acidic and in your stomach, it’s naturally acidic.

These are the three areas of the body that are naturally acidic. A healthy acidic if you will, if you’re suffering from a skin imbalance apple cider vinegar can be used as a great facial toner and astringent.

If you have black head or other kinds of skin problems I can assure you apple cider vinegar will work wonders. And you can mix some or dilute it with water and put some on a cotton ball gently apply by patting against the skin. This really is going to work wonders, so gibe a try and see for yourself. Now I know there are some women out there that no matter how much they hear from the healers out there they refuse to understand that using a douche is not healthy for the vagina. Now most women tell me yano that I’m only douching because I can’t bare the Candida or I can’t bare the itching and what have you, so I don’t normally douche I know it’s not great but I gotta do something. I need help.

So what is the answer?

Well, if you do feel you need to use a douche then make sure you use an apple cider vinegar solution, simply add about an ounce of ACV to your water before you put it into your enema or douche bag water. Other good things for douching include 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and there is herbal tea which can have some amazing benefits.

Now what are some other things that we can use apple cider vinegar for?

Can’t forget this, this stuff here is high in potassium, it’s organic, it’s digestible and it’s absorbable by your body. Potassium deficiency is usually the cause of those painful Charlie horses (lag mussel spasm) this is as a direct result of poor diet and lack of potassium in your body. All you need to do to treat this is every morning add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your glass of water a drink it down. I assure you as soon as your body has a reliable source of regular potassium then your leg spasms will be a thing of the past!

ACV dose have a smell that may not be so appealing, but it’s some good stuff. By adding a small amount of Himalayan or sea salt to your apple cider vinegar solution you now have something that is going to turn. It’s going to tone the sodium potassium brain balance. It’s actually going to tone that balance there. And what do I mean by tone it?  Well, there is a specific balance of the two substances which is needed for your brain to function properly and this combination of sea salt and potassium from the ACV is actually going to tone that balance. It’s almost like an oil change if you will, and it’s beneficial for the whole system.

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