Apple cider vinegar rinse for smooth shiny hair

Today I’m going to talk to you about your hair and specifically about product build up, have you ever noticed that after maybe a week or two of styling your hair or using moisturizing shampoos that your hair just starts to look kinda weighed down and kinda lifeless and dull, well that can be caused by a build up of products. Just using lots of shampoo and things like conditioner mosses and styling agents, they just leave a residue in your hair shaft. But I have something that you’re going to love that’s actually going to help you get rid of that problem and that is, apple cider vinegar.

You can buy this at any super market it’s a bottle of apple cider vinegar and you’re going to make a rinse with this and apply it to your hair. And what’s wonderful about this is that apple cider vinegar is like a tonic for your hair it actually stimulates hair growth by providing blood flow to the circulating areas that are in your scalp. What is also dose it that it removes residue from residual products that stay on your hair. Um , it will make your hair shinier it dose this by closing the cuticle scales on your hair, and when your close the cuticle scales you create a smother finish and when you create a smother finish you reflect more light. So not only are you getting cleaner bouncier more volumized hair.

Hair rinse – How to

What you want to do is just take one tablespoon of Acv and add it to one cup of water after you shampoo your hair preferably how I showed you upside down. You will pour your cup of apple cider vinegar through your hair, this helps regulate your PH balance bringing your hair back to its natural PH levels. It’s a wonderful conditioning agent as well helping to rid you of tangles you can even leave it on for a little while if you want to for extra conditioning. Then simply rinse your hair and let it dry naturally.

I have heard of people not rinsing it out and leaving it to dry in the hair but I find the smell is to strong so don’t really advise this option .

A great thing you will notice about Acv is that it doesn’t remove your hair colour like some other substance used for removing hair residue, so this kind be ideal for people who regularly die their hair/

This is all we have time today I hope you guys found this video useful.

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