How would you like to wake up bursting with energy?

This is the rise and grind juice recipe

Alright so break fast we are breaking the fast, and that’s what this is. So a lot of people wake up in the morning and they have a drink that is loaded with fruits & sugars and all these things. Then all of a sudden three O’clock rolls around and there tired because there adrenals to crash, you don’t want your adrenals to crash and I don’t either that’s that’s why I’m going to give your stomach something succulent something that it can keep hold of for hours and keep you energized and keep you feeling full and ready to go for the day.

What we have here is something really ingredients we have 2x apples 2x cucumbers some celery and a little bit of ginger. We are also going to add two secrete ingredients which are cinnamon and apple cider vinegar.

We are going to put it in the nuti bullet after it’s been juiced we’re going to mix it up, we’re going to drink it and we’re going to have loads of energy. Let’s do this!

So here it is, Ohh my god it’s like a explosion in your mouth its creamy its succulent its got that cinnamon. The apple is not over powering there is just enough sugar init to sweeten it up and give you that energy for the morning, that’s why we call this the rise and grind. When you wake up you don’t want any of those stimulants like coffee you want something natural from mother earth baby!

Hope you enjoy !

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