ACV For Poultry Care – Keeping Happy Chickens

One of the things we have had to learn to do as a new hen keeper is that we have had to look after the health of our chickens, and what we are going to do now is give them some tonic. This is it here, and it’s actually apple cider vinegar and what I’m going to do is put ten ml of this Acv into one litre of water and give it a little mix. Right I’m back out here at the allotment, just about to give the water to the hens now. The vinegar that’s in it acts like a conditioner, it helps to keep them in a good condition and I’m just about to go and give it to the hens. Fortunately when I opened the gates to the chicken run all of the hens have decided to take a walk around the allotment so I am here in the chicken run by my self.

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