Cellulite Home Remedies Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi everyone I’m Carol Ann your fitness expert from Tampa Florida and I’ve got some great facial exercises for you women that are over fifty. Look at me I am 70, you can do this! Just kidding. So what you need? Your face, just think about it. You have got 55 muscles in your face and you need to work them just like you work any other muscles in your bodies. So we got to keep them toned and tight especially as we are aging. So, the first exercises we are going to do is simply open and close your mouth. So just close tightly and hold for a second or to the stretch wide open and hold again, do this about ten times and I I know it dose look a little silly, but it really works. Next we just take our lower lip and go from side to side. You just really want to get all the blood flowing in your face. And make sure all your circulation is pumping. Next your just going to take your fingers gently on the outside of your eyes and just close and open, close and open. Right there on the sides of your eyes, good. After this we want to put our fingers on our eye brows and just close and open your eyes. By now all the blood should be flowing nicely around your face. Now all these stretches are great, but what natural produces could we use in conjunction with these? Well I’d like to share my tip for lush glowing skin and its completely chemical free. What is it you ask? Apple cider vinegar! This liquid works miracles both internally and externally. Simply mix two table spoons with a half pint of water and drink twice a day. You will see the results in a matter of weeks.

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