ACV Case Study – George age 68 from Manchester

I had been suffering from crippling arthritis and gout for over 10 years when a good friend george from manchesterof mine first mentioned apple cider vinegar and told me about some of its unique health benefits. I couldn’t help but feel that if my doctor had never seen fit to even mention this stuff to me then it probably wouldn’t be of much help at all. Never the less after mentioning the idea to my wife we decided that anything was worth a shot and headed out to the local health store.

We picked up a bottle of Braggs unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar as advised and headed home to give it a go. I still remember the taste of my first shot of apple cider vinegar. Being naive I decided not to heed the warnings I had been given and drank a sip neat from the bottle. The burning sensation was almost too much to handle, I felt short of breath and had to run to the kitchen and down a pint of water to try and cool the sensation in my throat. Although my wife found the whole ordeal mildly amusing I did not feel like repeating the process and the Braggs vinegar soon found its way to the back of the cupboard where it stayed for some time.

 It wasn’t until about a month later when browsing Youtube for tips for dealing with arthritis that I stumbled across and tutorial type video explaining ways to prepare apple cider vinegar. In the video the woman explained that you only need around 2 tablespoons worth of the vinegar mixed with a glass of water and that honey can be added to sweeten the mixture and make it more palatable. This seemed to be a good idea and with my arthritis getting more painful by the day I decided to give it another go.

I must admit that after diluting the mixture with water and adding honey it completely changed the taste. There was no burning sensation and the honey seemed to stop the taste of vinegar lingering in my mouth after drinking. In the video it recommended sipping the drink slowly throughout the day, so I poured my mixture into an empty water bottle and headed out side. Although the taste was a lot more pleasant now I still couldn’t notice any real health benefits and I still had to use my wheel chair when moving more than a few steps. Deciding that I was probably being a bit keen hoping it to work within hours of use I continued to drink the tonic daily for the next 4 weeks.

After four weeks of drinking the acv I was a changed man! This may well sound to good to be true but I assure you I was just as amazed as you. I no longer needed my wheel chair even when having to walk long distances. The pain that I had become so accustom to during the last 10 years was now nothing but a memory. From what I can gather the pain was as a result of acid crystals building up on my joints. ACV works by alkalizing your body and bringing it back to its natural PH level, once the bodies balance is restored the pain disappears.

I decided to take a trip back to my doctors who had been prescribing me pharmaceutical medicine for over ten years that did not work and find out why he failed to mention apple cider vinegar to me in the past. When my name was called out my doctor came out to the waiting room expecting to have to wheel me and my chair into his office as he had done every time I visited in the past. I’m pretty sure he could hardly believe his eyes when I stood up smiled and walked with him into the surgery, Still looking rather shocked he asked me “what I thought it was that had helped my condition so dramatically” I explained to him about apple cider vinegar and the way it balanced the PH levels in my body. He told me that due to a lack of scientific studies backing up the health claims of apple cider vinegar that is was something that he felt he couldn’t promote the use of but seemed to agree with me that the benefits I was receiving far outweighs the dangers of any risks associated with long term use of acv. Feeling rather smug about myself I returned home and had a nice glass of warm acv and honey.

I now drink apple cider vinegar religiously everyday, I’m nearly 70 years of age and have never felt more full of life!

Don’t just take my word for it, go and try it for yourself.



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One Response to ACV Case Study – George age 68 from Manchester

  1. Hello.. Thank you for reading.. glad to have you on board.. arthritis made itself known to me a few decades back.. your site is encouraging.. I have found this type of good thing requires patience.. very little happens overnight.. also.. massage in the morning to exercise muscles has helped around here.. Peace Tony

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