Acv case study – Georgia from Brighton

happy-women-lpI’m a little ashamed to admit it here, but my first experience with apple cider vinegar was just a couple of months ago after reading some of your posts here at the Acv Hub. One post in particular that caught my attention was your acv and baking soda hair treatment tutorial, although it’s a relatively simple tutorial I had never before thought of using apple cider vinegar on my hair, as I already has some baking soda in my bathroom I decided it was worth giving a go.

At this point I’d like to take a minute to explain how desperate I was to find a solution for my dull lifeless hair. ‘Think female Worzel Gummidge with a touch of Russell brand.’ It really wasn’t a good look. I would sit at home staring at the TV but dreading having to watch the shampoo & conditioner adverts as the size zero women threw their lush locks back and forth for the camera, leaving me with a strange sense of worthlessness.

As the tutorial pointed out, filtered acv really isn’t the best stuff, unfortunately that’s all I could find in stock at my local Tesco store, but not to be deterred I set of to track down a bottle of Braggs that I had heard so much about. It didn’t take me long to find a small health store in Brighton that stocked the cloudy glass bottles, I picked up a couple and headed home.

After applying the acv and baking soda solution to my hair my first reaction was ‘get it off this stuff stinks!’ but after rinsing it away I noticed the smell soon disappeared and as my hair started to dry I was amazed to feel how tangle free and soft it felt. Instead of my normal course messy strands of hair sticking out at all angles. I honestly felt like a new woman.

After this great success I decided to investigate other uses for apple cider vinegar ‘ there are literally thousands of them’  it wasn’t long before I was drinking it every morning mixed with some water and a small amount of organic honey. This not only helped me with my long standing battle with acid reflux but improved my completion to such a extent I no longer have any spots on my face.

To any one out there considering buying some apple cider vinegar all I can say is its well worth it. I can’t see my self living without this stuff and I’ve only known about it for a matter of months.

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