Apple cider vinegar – Dose it work for weight loss?

Hi guys, so for this weeks Q&A the question came in off of my facebook page.

Q: “I have been reading a lot online about drinking apple cider vinegar one tbl spoon in water for weight loss and detoxing, dose this work and is it safe? I’m glad you bought this up some people swear by this. But I’m going to tell you right now cider vinegar or any kind of vinegar is not a miracle weight loss food. There have been many human and animal studies that have shown that it may help in weight control. This is actually because the acidic acid in vinegar stabilizes your blood sugar meaning that you feel fuller for longer, this can help you to eat less through the day which could turn into weight loss.

Is it safe? There have been some cases of people burning their throats when not diluting the liquid also it can damage your tooth enamel so I would always recommend mixing it with water before drinking.

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