Apple cider vinegar to treat acne – Case study

Dom  Pillford UK

I first started blogging about apple cider vinegar just a few months after overcoming a seriously bad acne problem that I had been suffering from since my teens. I had tried regular treatments suggested by my doctor, but nothing was working and still the nasty spots remained. As I’m sure you can imagine how this had had a serious effect on my levels of confidence. The girls didn’t seem to want to give me the time of day and I was struggling to make friends at college (with a nickname like spotty Dom you would expect this.) It was actually my late Gran that first mentioned to me the idea of using apple cider vinegar to combat acne. She had mentioned it many times, but I always assumed that if the doctor’s new age recommendations were not working why would this age old natural liquid be any better?

Early one Sunday morning my Gran arrives at our house bearing gifts, both my sisters seemed rather pleased with their chocolates, but I must admit I felt slightly underwhelmed when she reached deep into her bag and pulled me out my first ever bottle of ACV. As to not act rude, I promptly thanked her and assured her I would be trying it out that very same day.

Opening the bottle for the first time came as somewhat of a shock. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as smells go, but let me tell you now this stuff is a long way off that pleasant smelling vinegar found at your local chip shop. As i put my nose to the top of the bottle and inhaled the first sensation I got was a burning eye watering mixture of smells, but it did feel like it could work as a decongestant in a similar way to menthol products.

After smelling the liquid I decided to try a sip. My Gran had already warned me about drinking the liquid neat as most guides recommend mixing it at least 50/50 with water to avoid burning your throat. I only had a very a small sip but to be honest, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the smell had lead me to expect. I’ve always liked the flavour of vinegar and to me this didn’t taste much different.

The next morning I started my routine instead of drinking it neat, I simply added around 3tbl of the apple cider vinegar to a half pint glass of water and added some honey and ice to make the drink more palatable, it was LUSH! I seriously enjoyed the drink and at this point after doing some of my own research into its benefits I was starting to think my Gran might not be quite so mad for suggesting it.

Skip forward, two months and I no longer had a single spot on my face! After suffering for well over four years, this made me ecstatic, it wasn’t long until I was full of confidence once more. It’s now been about two years since my Gran first bought me that bottle of apple cider vinegar and although sadly she’s no longer with us but I will be forever grateful for her kind suggestion.

spotty prick

If you’re suffering from any kind of skin problem I would highly recommend ACV

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  1. Wow – that’s amazing! Celeste 🙂

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