Apple cider vinegar challenge – Don’t try this at home guys (Funny!)

As with most things in life there are always some people looking to take things further than anyone else. This results in what we can only describe as idiocy, and sure enough the idiots have found there way to the apple cider vinegar section of their local health store.

These video’s show people drinking whole bottles of apple cider vinegar and although we don’t deny they are hugely entertaining videos, we must also mention this is a highly dangerous activity and we do not recommend any one try’s this at home.

This guy is a machine, downing a liter bottle in just a few seconds. The look on his face when he finishes the bottle in priceless!

This is one of the funniest we cam across well doing our research. Unlike the video above this guy really takes his time sipping it multiple times for full comedy effect! It’s also worth noting that both these guys failed at the first hurdle when they purchased cheap filtered vinegar instead of the nice healthy Raw stuff.


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