Acne Gone With Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Home Remedy

Hi guys, thanks for stopping by I wanted to come on and do a video about one of my favorite natural products in the world. As I’ve told you before I’m an institution and I really like to do things that are natural, I’m into natural health care and natural skin care and do a lot of research in both these areas. I mentioned in my last video that I had been having some nasty break out recently ‘yea that’s right I’m 35 and still get acne’ So what can I do?

Boom! This is apple cider vinegar this bottle is by Braggs and contains a thing they call the mother ‘let me shake it up for you. I don’t know if you can see it but those little things are floating around the living enzyme known as the ‘Mother’ it’s like when they make the apple cider it has this frothy foam, they normally take that off and discard it But this it what holds a lot of the health benefits it’s really good for if you have an upset stomach.

But what I use it most for is my face, what to do is take a cotton ball, wet it and put some apple cider vinegar on it before you wipe it on your face, concentrating on the areas of your breakouts. Leave it for 10 minutes before you wash it off your face.

For more severe outbreaks the best thing to do is apply the ACV before bed and sleep with it on your face, the smell will be bad at first but this gives the apple cider vinegar enough time to work its magic.

I assure you this stuff really works! It’s a great way to get your face to clear up, It’s cheap healthy and has 100’s of uses so go and pick some up today!

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