Apple Cider Vinegar Mother, what is it?

Apple cider vinegar, what is the mother?

As I’m sure you have seen in your bottles of cider vinegar in the past that it contains a living enzyme known as the ‘mother’ its Latin name Mycoderma Aceti roughly translates into ‘skin of the acid’ and its basic structure is made up from cellulose (a simple organic compound) and the Acetic acid which is a type of bacteria that derives its energy from oxidation of ethanol.

What does it look like?

You can easily tell if your bottle of apple cider vinegar contains the mother by looking at it. More often than not the mother appears to look like a slightly slimy spider’s web floating within the liquid. But it’s this odd looking substance that gives apple cider vinegar a lot of its unique health properties.

(Video transcription)

“The mother right here you can kind of see it’s formed a layer on top. These are the apple peals I added some molasses and a little Braggs ACV to help get some mother going.

For home made cider vinegar this stuff is smelling great! Remember do drop us a comment here on the apple cider vinegar hub if you have any questions”  

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