Apple cider vinegar – How to improve your general health with one natural drink

In this video Yinka talks us through her favorite uses for natural apple cider vinegar. She explains the best methods for using ACV as well as taking us through some of her unique beauty tips.

Today’s official national women’s check up day, if you remember I promised you guys a video a day for the whole of the national women’s health week. This is the second day, the item I want to talk about today is something I use all the time, and it’s called ACV or apple cider vinegar.  Unfiltered organic and 100% natural and containing ‘the mother’ this stuff really is great. I use for two different things, one id for my hair and the other is drinking it early in the morning and before bed at night. The thing with apple cider vinegar is that it promotes natural energy as well as its many other great health benefits.

It can help with blood pressure, acne, hair and nails, natural weight loss, skin conditions and the list goes on.   

One thing I will say though is that this stuff tastes awful. As I mentioned before I take it twice a day but I simply can’t cope with drinking it on its own. The best method I have come across for making ACV taste more palatable is by mixing it with green tea and lemon juice, once mixed I can enjoy the drink without cringing after every sip.

Go try it today and you will be feeling the benefits in no time at all. 

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