Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Cures – Apple cider vinegar

Today’s topic is the vagina. The reason why I’m talking about this is because I came across a blog recently talking about how to get rid of a nasty vaginal smells. One of the ways that the blog mentioned involved combating the smell is using yogurt, now I understand that you could get some health benefits from eating live yoghurt but in the article she mentioned putting the yoghurt in your vagina and I’ve never really heard of the before and can only assume it would be a really messy process. I spoke to a gynecologist that I knew who confirmed that it was true and that yoghurt dose work to combat vaginal smell! A lot of the time doctors don’t even tell their patients about the natural remedies that you can do at home to keep the good bacteria healthy and not let bad bacteria take hold in the vagina.

So today we are going to talk about how to prevent bad odors and deal with bad bacteria built up in the vagina as well as great ways to exercise, tighten & stay healthy down under.

How to get rid bacterial vaginosis?

Okay, first we are going to talk abut how to actually get rid of your issue and turn your stinky vagina into a fresh vagina, all vaginas have some order to them, but it’s defiantly not meant to be selling like something has curled up there and died! Each vagina is going to smell a little different, but it’s supposed to be a good smell.

So if your vagina is starting to smell that first thing you want to be doing is taking your vitamins, garlic is also very powerful cleanser, it’s recommended that you take fresh garlic or garlic supplements twice a day when dealing with this issue. Yogurt as I mentioned before dose work in this treatment so I actually went to the store and picked up some of the type you’re meant to use, you’re supposed to buy plain live yogurt that contains lots of healthy good bacteria cultures. A lot of the live cultures offered by the yogurt can in fact be purchased in supplement form so if you’re not so keen on getting a bit messy this might be a better option for you.

So we have spoken about some of the natural methods that can cure your bacterial vaginosis, Your vagina is naturally supposed to be able to clean itself, everything you need should be provided by the nutrients in your food so a lot of the time a fundamental change in diet or lifestyle can be all it takes to sort things out within your body. Remember, they might try and prescribe you antibiotics to get rid of your problem, but antibiotics can cause yeast infections among other things so it really is always best to try the natural approaches first.

Now I’m going to share a couple of stories with you that my doctor mentioned to me.

Now be warned, these are a little horrific!

A woman was going for her yearly check up when the gynecologist noticed something moving inside the vagina, on closer inspection this turned out to be a flea, the woman had been letting her dog sleep in the same bed as her at night and some of its fleas managed to find a nice warm new home! This is something that is well worth keeping an eye out for as a huge amount of people let their pets into the bedroom and other areas of the house that are not hygienic to keep pets.

Another situation was with a girl who doesn’t wash wish soap, she only washes with water! The thing with this is that a lot of stuff comes out your vagina you have sex, you bleed, discharge, pee, sweat and after all this you still only wash with water? I mean this is my her vagina smelt bad. There are plenty of feminine soaps out there that work just great.

Men: men can pass bad bacteria on to women as well. Male hygiene is just as important and even if you take the best care of your vagina if your partner has been neglecting his hygiene then you will soon have that fishy smell returning. So what’s the answer? Using condoms is something we should all be doing a lot of people complain that it’s not the same & doesn’t feel as good, the answer to this is getting a good water based lubricant nothing with strawberry scent or any fancy smells.

Okay, we talked about how to get rid of the odour, now will look at how to prevent it.

I mentioned before about diet, this is a massive factor of your general health if you change your diet to a natural, healthy plant based diet then your body should have everything it needs and not supplements should be needed. Another overused method of controlling vaginal smell is douching, douching strips away the natural lubricants that you already have inside your vagina, your vagina is built to fight off infections, it has everything it needs if you are eating the right foods! Another thing to watch out for when using a douche is that it can actually cause pelvic infections, I remember one time when I was watching tv and they spoke about douching (at this point I didn’t even know what it was) So I went out and bought a douche and told my mum, but she told me that it can do more harm than good if douching when it’s not actually needed. Silly me though I didn’t listen and done it against her advice. The next morning I woke up with the worse pain I had ever felt, after visiting my doctor it turns out I had a pelvic infection from douching!

If you do feel the need to douche it’s a great idea to add a small amount of raw apple cider vinegar to your water solution, apple cider vinegar has strong anti bacterial and anti fungal properties as works great at returning you vagina to its natural PH levels. If you don’t want to use the douche simply add some ACV

Another piece of advice I got from my gynecologist was to wear less underwear. For instance, at night it’s not always necessary to wear panties to bed and by letting the air get at your vagina regularly, you greatly reduce the chances of bacterial infection, It also helps to wear loose fitting cotton underwear some of the time as tight fitting panties can lead to a lot of problems and discomfort.

How to tighten your vagina?

If you exercise your arms and legs regularly because you want to look sexy and toned, why not do the same for your vagina? Every man wants his girl to have a nice firm tight vagina because it pleases him. But you also want that too, because it helps with your pregnancy among other things.

The best way to tighten things up down there is by clenching your pelvic mussels. By doing this regularly over the course of a few weeks you will notice your vagina getting tighter by the day.

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8 Responses to Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Cures – Apple cider vinegar

  1. kaylin says:

    home remidies to cure my smelly vagina oudor

  2. sarah says:

    can ordinary vinegar be used?

  3. Strawbery says:

    I have battled bacterial vaginosis since 2003…. SO SICK AND TIRED…. the only why I have found so far to avoid it… is NO SEX…. sex causes it… EVERY TIME… when a condom is not used and well…. the man does not ummmm pull out… I AM SO OVER THIS….. Trying Apple Cider Vinegar now and some Epson salt baths…. ALSO… to get yogurt into the vagina, you can get plungers at the pharmacy free of charge… or you can use a syringe w/o a needle from the pharmacy…. or you can use that syringe to fill a plastic tampon casing, freeze it and then insert… 🙂 just things I have read elsewhere…

    • iluvacv says:

      How did it work for you?

      • Strawbery says:

        Well, nothing worked thus far… with ACV THEN, I found it! Yogurt breaks down into hydrogen peroxide… It is the CURE for me… I still do not know how much peroxide exactly to use, but by uncomfortably getting in tub and putting some in a douche bottle and letting it sit for a bit…. it neutralized the odor… my man and I are also practicing pull out method… cause it is the semen that causes the imbalance with the vagina… I am so happy to have found a mate to help me work with this issue… I also have been taking good SUPERFOOD probiotics that our body is in so much NEED of… the processed crap food the FDA approves is not worth our HEALTH! good luck to you all!

        They sell a med type probiotic for women too… I would not take it though.. it has OTHER things in it our body does NOT NEED…

  4. Bijaya Mukherji says:

    hey.. i forgot to mention, when u want to wash yourself with ACV, use 1 tea spoon in a half/1 litre mug of plain water and then do it. not directly.

  5. Alice says:

    You should NOT use soap on your vag . Water only.

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