How to beat a cold naturally – The home remedy that really works!

Hi guys. So it’s the time of the year when bugs are going around and everyone is getting sick, so I wanted to do a little video on some natural home remedies that you could do to help fight off a cold and get your immune system back up and running. When I’m getting sick I always know it because all my skin on my entire body starts hurting and it gets very uncomfortable. Whenever I get these symptoms I know to start my regiment right away and it normally stops the cold from developing if not dramatically reduces the length of time I have the cold for.

The first thing I’m going to recommend to you guys is this drink here. It has Manuka honey mixed with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and some cayenne pepper. This drink is amazing whenever I’m sick it’s the first thing I go to, the Manuka honey is the best stuff in the world, it’s quite pricey but well worth it I buy a brand called Wedderspoon active 16+ type  it has natural hydrogen peroxide levels so its antibacterial and taste so great I sometimes just eat if straight off the spoon. Cayenne pepper has amazing antiseptic properties it can really help to boost the circulation meaning that you will sweat out all those toxins and sickness its also very good at helping with repertory infections as well.

If you have a sore throat I really recommend you gargle with either cayenne pepper or sea salt, cayenne pepper is amazing to me. One time I had a really bad sore throat it was one of the worst pains ever! So I started looking online for things I could do and came across cayenne pepper after gargling a couple of times my sore throat had completely gone.  You do want to be careful however as this stuff is very spicy and we don’t want anyone choking or gagging due to their mouth burning.


Garlic is amazing if you have a cold I cannot begin to express how much faith I have in the power of raw garlic, it can really help to purify the blood and boost the immune system, it has anti viral and anti bacterial properties and I really do think its probably the most amazing super food in the world. If you feel like you’re getting a lot of indigestion from garlic I really recommend taking out the germ of the garlic clove (the spout found in the center of each clove.) I try and eat a clove of raw garlic everyday even if I’m not sick as I was to prevent myself from getting sick.


Raw ginger is another great addition to your medical food cupboard this stuff really packs a punch my favorite ways to eat ginger is chopping up some of the raw root and adding it to a pan of hot water. After about 20 minuets of simmering you now have a fresh tasting ginger tea that can really kick your cold into shape.

Other tips

Cut out all refined sugars from your diet, sugar suppresses the immune system it drains your body of vitamins and minerals as well as feeding bacteria.

Eat as many fresh green vegetables as possible, good nutrition is they key to a healthy life and with the right foods our bodies should not get ill often at all. Oh yea and drink ACV! It’s great 😉

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3 Responses to How to beat a cold naturally – The home remedy that really works!

  1. Jim Brennan says:

    Really very interesting. I love cayenne pepper as a spice, but would never think of using it to gargle. Hey, there’s a first time for everything. And I love garlic. Good stuff.

  2. TBM says:

    All good to know. Thanks!

  3. Donna says:

    I have a great recipe for cough syrup, gets rid of that awful tickle too!
    ¼ teaspoon Cayenne
    ¼ teaspoon Ginger
    1 Tablespoon Cider Vinegar (an organic one, like Bragg’s, is preferred.)
    2 Tablespoon Water
    1 Tablespoon Honey (use a locally produced raw honey, if possible.)

    Dissolve cayenne and ginger in cider vinegar and water. Add honey and shake well. Take 1 Tablespoon as needed for cough. Hoo-wee.
    Note: This is potent albeit watery syrup. It also doesn’t dissolve perfectly. Always shake well before using.

    If you make this in small batches as the recipe is written, there is no need to refrigerate.
    If you prefer, you may refrigerate this. It keeps as long as you need it. I like to make small batches (it is so easy to mix up.) and use it up in a just a few days.

    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This remedy and dosage are for adults. I have no personal experience giving this to children, and cannot recommend it for children. Many have reported on this site (see comments) that they have had great success administering the remedy in smaller doses to their kids. This is those parents personal choice, which I respect. If the remedy has helped their family, I am grateful. But it is not my recommendation.

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