Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Foot Odour (Stinky Feet)

footsmellIf you’re a regular reader of our blog here at ACV Hub you will know there are simply hundreds of different uses for this natural liquid but today we will be focusing on one area in particular and things might get a bit pongy!

We all know what it’s like after a long day on our feet, we take of our shoes and Bosh! That nasty somewhat cheesy smell of damp socks and clammy feet fill the room. But what can be done to combat this problem?

Foot odour is a very common problem caused by a build up of bacteria and excessive perspiration of the feet. Each foot has around 250,000 sweat glands that are able to produce up to 500ml of sweat in just one day!

As you will already know ACV (Apple cider vinegar) has powerful Antibacterial and Anti fungal properties that can be used to treat and in many cases completely clear up nasty food odour issues in just a couple of days.

 What to do?

There are a few things you will need before attempting this treatment the first being a bottle of high quality raw apple cider vinegar, as well as this you will need a large tub (I use a spare washing up bowl that lives under my sink and is perfect for the job at hand)

Simply fill the washing up bowl with warm water making sure you don’t fill right to the top (when you add your feet to the bowl they will displace some water and we don’t want to be making a mess.) Once done add around ½ a pint of apple cider vinegar to your bowl and place it next to a comfy chair.

You need to leave your feet submerged for a minimum of 15 minutes but 30 if better if you have the time. Once the time is up make sure to thoroughly dry them using a clean towel. Do not use a towel that had touched your feet before the washing process as it will distribute the bacteria back onto your feet.

Repeat this process for 3 days. By the third day all bacteria should have been dealt with by the ACV and your feet should no longer be smelling nasty or offensive.

It’s also worth remembering that it’s not a good idea to wear the same shoes for more than one day at a time. Over the course of the day your shoes absorb a lot of sweat in the form on moisture, the hours you’re asleep is not enough time for this to moisture to evaporate meaning your shoes stay damp and filled with the bad bacteria.


Acv soak for 3 days
Clean socks daily
More than one pair of shoes

=  Clean non offensive feet  for everyone

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