Contact Dermatitis : How to Mix Apple Cider Vinegar & Green Tea

Contact dermatitis is the term given to skin reactions that result from exposure to allergens. Many people suffering from this have to take extra precautions with everyday life to make sure they avoid the catalysts that causes the reaction. In this video we show you a unique method of dealing with contact dermatitis using natural products including apple cider vinegar and green tea.


Contact dermatitis can be caused by many things. It could be an allergic reaction, a bug bite or even the clothes that you’re wearing. I’m Lauren Roid and today I I’m going to talk to you about using green tea and apple cider vinegar to help alleviate some of the discomfort caused by contact dermatitis.

When you have an allergic reaction to say a plan, you should first rinse if off your skin using cold water. Then you can take some green tea and brew it for a good ten minutes to make sure it’s nice and strong. After this we then add the apple cider vinegar, not too much though I recommend a 5;1 ratio of green tea to apple cider vinegar for the best results.

Next you can take a face cloth and soak it in the mixture, you want to lay it down over the affected area of skin, it’s best to leave it over the area for about 10 minutes and you should notice it will numb the pain as well as reducing swelling and redness.

The green tea works due to its antioxidant properties and if you chill the tea before using it that will additionally help reduce swelling.  The cider vinegar works by drying out the irritant and taking out the toxins out of it. It also helps to kill bacteria so will reduce your chances of infection

Hope this helps guys. 

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One Response to Contact Dermatitis : How to Mix Apple Cider Vinegar & Green Tea

  1. Sophie33 says:

    Fantastic to hear this! I will try it out! 🙂

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