Apple Cider Vinegar Research – Part II

Part 2


Still going strong on Day 15. Honestly it really hasn’t got any easier. I still have to take a deep breathe before taking the shot, bounce around for a minute to clear it out of my sinuses that it always sneaks into, and then down a bottle of water.

A couple of small things I’ve noticed that do help me get past it, however, it taking a big gulp of my coffee afterward instead of water, and then immediately eating a granola bar. I do not recommend doing this on an empty stomach. I did that the first day. Stupid.

The mixture I’ve settled on is 3/4 ACV, 1/4 water. This is the most tolerable I’ve found. I’ve also started using it on my face in at night as an astringent. It doesn’t dry my skin out and it seems to help with blemishes. I haven’t been doing this too…

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