Apple Cider Vinegar Research

This is some great info we found from another blogger and thought we would share


Yesterday my roommate, Sae, and I decided to start the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) challenge.  I got mixed reviews from friends and colleagues on how you’re supposed to take it; some take it in one straight shot every morning and some dilute it with water into a drink of sorts. Sae and I decided to go with the former first. I had some of your every day ACV in the pantry, so we tried that brand. It was terrible. My body’s immediate reaction was to spit it out, so it was actually hard to swallow. I got it down, and fortunately kept it down, but was uncomfortable and had a sour stomach the remainder of the day. Sae fared better than I.

I looked up different brands yesterday and discovered that most people are using Braggs ACV. It’s organic, apparently tastes better, and is great for your body. Sae took…

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