Apple Cider Vinegar

We found this article written by Hilary and simply had to share. not only is it packed full of great infomation regarding apple cider vinegar, the writing style is just great!

The Healthy Collective

apple cider vinegar

Once upon a time, many moons ago, a 15 year old girl worked in a coffee shop. An old man used to come in a few times a day to talk, help out with anything the girl needed, then come back at close to help bring in tables and chairs. He was so nice, and even gave the girl a Cowichan jacket that belonged to his late wife. The man said that his secret was taking a shot of apple cider vinegar each day and after hearing some of it’s benefits the girl went home and poured herself a shot. It was super gross so the girl never drank apple cider vinegar again. The End.

Guess what? That girl was me and I still have the jacket, but one thing has changed. I tried ACV again. Although the man passed many years ago, I can’t hear the words apple cider…

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  1. Hilary says:

    Thanks for the reblog ACV Hub!

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