Natural Sunburn Remedies – Apple Cider Vinegar

Hey guys. Dr Josh here, now I know what you guys are saying right now, Dr. Josh told me not to wear sunscreen and now I’m burnt. Well too bad, I told you to cover up. I also told you that if you NEEDED to that you should simply wear some organic sun screen instead. So if you got burnt this weekend that’s your own fault okay, I’m not taking the blame.

But what I’m here to do is try and help save the day and show you some great natural remedies for if you are sunburnt. I have a little spray bottle here, I borrowed this one from my sister. What you want to do first is clean it out and make sure none of the original product is left in the spray bottle. There are some things that actually can help you skin health faster if you get burnt, one of these things is Aloe Vera. Now I recommend that when you go out and buy aloe Vera you make sure that its 100% aloe Vera. A lot of the time they can mix it with chemicals and we don’t want that. Now what you can do is simply put the gel straight on your skin, what we are doing here though is that we are making a spray that will work really well. This is made from Aloe Vera juice.

What to do?

Take your Aloe Vera juice and pour about 6 – 8 tablespoons into your spray bottle. The next thing we are going to add is lavender oil, lavender oil actually helps to soothe your skin and has been used to treat burns for years. As well as treating burns lavender helps to relax the body and can be great for people who have sleeping difficulties. We will add about 10 drops of lavender oil to your spray bottle and give it a good shake.

The next thing we are going to add to our mixture is peppermint oil, this stuff is great for cooling the skin it’s also very refreshing and been shown to help boost energy levels. Add another 10 drops to your mixture. Lastly we will be adding spearmint oil this is another menthol based product that will add additional cooling properties. Again add 10 drops.

And that’s it we are done, one thing you will have to remember to do is give it a good shake before every use as the oil tends to sit on the top of the liquid when left to stand.

How to apply?

Simply spray over the burnt area of skin and allow time for the mixture to soak in. You should feel some instant relief and over the course of a few days this will help your skin to heal faster. One addition product I would like to mention is coconut oil this stuff is amazing and it will give your skin the moisture it needs to stop you from peeling all over when suffering from sunburn.

Internal options?

Getting more antioxidant in your diet, that will actually help you keep from being sunburnt and help your body to recover more quickly if you are all ready. One of the best foods I can suggest would be carrots. They are packed full of Beta-carotene also bell people are another good source, Vit C & Vit E will both help your skin to become more resistant to sunburn.

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