Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss – How Too Guide

Hi guy’s so as you may know I am really into health and fitness, keeping in shape and eating as clean as I can. Today I wanted to talk about a product that I think it really great for weight loss. It’s called apple cider vinegar, this is by a brand called braggs it’s both raw, unfiltered & organic. There are tones of health benefits to this drink in addition to weight loss. It’s rich in potassium, helps support a health immune system and promotes digestion. Another great benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it helps your liver to become more efficient at cleaning your blood.

Another thing I use ACV for is external use, this stuff works great on your skin and if your prone to outbreaks of spots a few dabs of apple cider vinegar will see them clear up in no time at all. There have been a number scientific studies proving that ACV can help counteract diabetes. when suffering from diabetes what happens is you eat a high carb or high sugar diet the sugar causes your blood sugar levels to rise and that causes the insulin to go and attack that, and thats what makes you gain weight. In addition to its benefits combating diabetes acv is also proven to help reduce blood pressure and aid in treating arthritis.

What do I do?

I take two table spoons and add it to a glass of water in the morning , this helps to completely get rid of any hunger that I have and makes your feel fresh and alive. The main ingredient in this is acetic acid which has been researched and shown that I can actually help your carbohydrates go right through your body without being adsorbed. After just two weeks I had already dropped a jean size! I do take the ACV twice a day some people recommend to drink some before every meal but I find this can be a bit hard to find the time.

The only word of warning I will give you it that it can be corrosive to your tooth enamel so when drinking use a straw or make sure to rinse you mouth out with fresh water after use.

Hope you guys found this info useful, let us know your favourite uses for apple cider vinegar bellow.


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