How Apple Cider Vinegar Cured My Arthritis

Apple cider vinegar has always been one of my favourite salad dressings and occasionally even used to spice up the flavour of meat in a marinade but its was only very recently I discovered the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar. For a long time both me and my partner have both suffered from joint pain and arthritis, although kept under check from constant medication it was having a very negative impact on our lives. My husband who used to be a keen golfer was unable to complete a round at his favorite course and I love for horse riding had become a thing of the past due to the server pain.

One Sunday morning I decided to check out some videos on a popular video sharing website and soon started looking at natural ways to deal with arthritis. I must admit I was amazed at the amount of info out there and the more I looked the more I kept seeing the same thing come up, apple cider vinegar. We already had a bottle of ACV in the pantry but it seemed to be the wrong type. From my research I learnt that when using apple cider vinegar for health issues you must look for the raw unfiltered type that contains a living enzyme known as the mother. I checked my local supermarket to no avail but managed to find what I was looking for in a great little independent health store in my local town.

The type I purchased was from “the Devon apple cider vinegar company” I must admit this stuff was great and packed a whole lot more flavor than the lifeless bottle of pasteurized ACV that has been lurking at the back of the cupboard for all those years. The best way I found to drink it was by making a glass of water and simply adding a couple of spoonfuls of the apple cider vinegar. At first the taste was something I really didn’t enjoy but over the course of the next month my taste buds became accustom to the bitterness and I must admit that after not long at all I began to look forward to my morning drink.

It was about this time that me and my husband both started to notice the improvement in our arthritis, at first disregarding the effects as just having a good day it wasn’t long until it became obvious that we were both able to move more freely and walk further than we could before!

It was great, the feeling of gaining back even a small amount of control over your life is something ill never forget. But it didn’t stop there. After six months of taking apple cider vinegar twice a day I was not only riding again but I was even able to help out at the stables, my husband was back at the golf course and life was dare I say it “getting back to normal.”

I have no idea why my doctor couldn’t have told me about ACV instead of prescribing costly drugs for all those years, but I’m going to make it my mission to let as many people know as possible about this great natural super drink

Please share your uses for apple cider vinegar in the comments below.

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