ACV & Cayenne Hair Growth Experiment

So here is my hair, wet with a scalp tonic. I’ve been doing this since december 21st I want to do an experiment to see what kind of results I would be getting if I add a tablespoon of this apple cider vinegar with one dropped full of cayenne extract. All I simply do is add a tablespoon of ACV in to this bowl next the cayenne paper extract and applied it to my scalp using my hands. I focus solely on the top of my head, after a few minutes you get a burning sensation but it really isn’t to bad I haver found that the cayenne extract works much better for this than the powder and avoids getting the nasty gritty bits stuck in your hair.

So thats the first thing ill do, and I leave that on my scalp for one hour, okay and this is taken from Braggs miracle book where she say’s to use two tablespoons of ACV and a dash of cayenne pepper.

I kinda tweaked around the recipe as I found that using the two table spoons was too much for my whole head. Another thing I will mention is that is wise to make sure you use raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar that has the mother included in it.

In addition to apple cider vinegar I use some other scalp tonics but I tend to find the home made acv blend works as a sort of irritant on the scalp with this draws blood to the area helping to promote hair growth, not only will it make your hair grow but also make it shine and feel soft so what have you got to loose. Go buy a bottle today!

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