Can apple cider vinegar douches help clear BV (Bacterial Vaganosis)

Transcription: So you have got bacterial vaginosis, well in the past this could of been a real problem but I have been doing lots of research recently and have been finding a large number of natural remedies that claimed they could help to eliminate BV altogether.

After giving most of these options a try for myself I’m happy to announce i found the perfect tool for the job! What is it? Well, Apple cider vinegar! This stuff is just great at dealing with those nasty downstairs odor issues.

What did I do?

Using the apple cider vinegar is a relatively simple process, all i did was mix a 50×50 water to ACV mix and added it to my douche. Now i know a lot of people have issues with the use of douche bags but i have found the practice to be nothing but beneficial to me. Once you have had your mixture simply lay back and use as you would a normal douche.

I found that doing this just once a week provided some amazing results. Now days to keep everything in check down there I simply use one douche a week.

Hope you guys find this useful.



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