Apple Cider Vinegar and BV (Bacteria Vaganosis)

There’s plenty of discussion across the internet about whether apple cider vinegar is a good cure for BV. Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries in many different ways some of which were unrelated to health including pickling, as a cleaning agent and even for polishing suits of armor! What is amazing, however, are the more recent discoveries which tend to suggest that ACV has broad positive health impacts which were out of the realm of imagination just decades ago.

Although doctors and scientists have historically been extremely reluctant to accept apple cider vinegar’s place in the realm of health, over the last 30 years, there has been a lot of research proving that apple cider vinegar is not only beneficial in terms of overall health but that it can help with specific medical issues as well. As it relates to BV, it has been shown that apple cider vinegar’s acidity helps to restore a woman’s natural pH levels to halt the continued overgrowth of harmful BV causing bacteria. Additionally, the ACV has anti-bacterial properties that assist to kill the bacteria off.

I’ve talked to many women during the last year or two who’ve extolled the virtues of ACV as a terrific, natural and organic, treatment for bacterial vaginosis infection. For example one particular woman I talked to had been dealing with BV since around the time she gave birth to her first baby approximately 24 months ago. She had taken both Flagyl and Cleocin and neither of them had done much for her. Then approximately 12 weeks back she began taking probiotics and douching with ACV on a daily basis. She found immediate relief from her BV and, most importantly, it did not return which was obviously a hugely different outcome that she had previously gone through with prescription drugs. I have heard much the same thing from countless other ladies who have emailed me. While the drugs didn’t work for them, natural cures like ACV did.

Take care when you use ACV as organic ACV is a powerful substance and may harm the delicate cells within the vagina. Therefore, instead of using pure ACV, mix it with water prior to introducing it into your vagina. Some women who’ve not exercised this precaution have reported some unpleasant adverse effects from a slight tingling sensation to a more painful burning feeling. You are unlikely to see any permanent damage but using ACV without diluting it first can be quite painful!

It really is ultra simple to whip up a safe and effective ACV douche to help heal your BV. All you need to do is grab a liter of water (somewhere around a quart), toss in three tbsp of good quality ACV and mix it really well. Though it’s definitely all right to make your douche using pretty much any type of ACV, all things considered you’ll see much better results by using high quality ACV which can be purchased at any specialty health food retailer. While you can choose to make your own douching kit to save a bit of money, it’s pricey and, quite frankly, a hassle. Therefore, I suggest that you simply purchase a commercial douching bottle and use that. Repeat the process once in the morning and once at night for a few days and you should expect to see an improvement almost instantly. For those who just can’t stand using a douche, you can alternatively saturate a tampon in the water and ACV solution and insert it overnight. Remove it in the morning and then repeat the next evening until your symptoms are gone.

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