Why I Use Apple Cider Vinegar Everyday

Hi guys, today I’m going to talk to you about apple cider vinegar and why everyone should drink it. This is the kind that I drink however I hear if you buy raw unfiltered vinegar there are even more benefits. To be honest with you the taste isn’t that great but the benefits are plentiful, it is always wise to do some of your own research when starting any new natural health product.

Some of the best things to use apple cider vinegar for include:

  • Shiny hair
  • Remove stains from teeth
  • Treat sunburn
  • Massage treatment
  • Weight loss
  • Balance PH levels
  • Detoxification
  • Remove flees from pets
  • Aid with regulating sugar levels

So as I’m sure you will agree there are so many reasons to try apple cider vinegar, and at only a couple of dollars per bottle what have you got to loose.


Thanks guys see you soon


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