Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Results

This is a very amusing video we stumbled upon and simply had to share. Although we dont agree with a lot of the points conveyed in the animation its always good to look at anything from more than one perspective . Let us know your thoughts 🙂

(Video Transcription)

What do you think of the reported apple cider vinegar weight loss results? After drinking that stuff everything tastes and smells like pickles. It would certainly slow down any food cravings I have. Vinegar is a metrical drug, it settles your stomach and cleans out your digestive track. Apple cider vinegar works as an acid and you can mix it with baking soda to scrub down your shower stool. But it isn’t a colon cleanse. Do you think I need one? It’s amazing how everyone say’s they are cleansing themselves instead of admitting they have taken something to generate super poops for the next few hours.

Its good for your skin. Apple cider vinegar is antiseptic so some people use it as a facial wash  but you wouldn’t want to drink face cream. It washes toxins from the body and can even reverse aging. If that were true people who uses it heavily in the 1900’s would still be alive!

It’s a popular weight loss supplement; you can even get it in pill form. I think you can get anything in pill form these days. You don’t think it aids weight loss? Vinegar has been proven to lower blood sugar by lowering the glycemic index of what you just ate. That makes it very useful for diabetics.


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