Apple Cider Vinegar – Top Hair Care Benefits

Apple cider vinegar has no end of amazing uses, in this video we look at how ACV can be used as a hair conditioner, helping to remove build up of residue left from products and leave your hair feeling soft, clean and manageable

(Video Transcription)

Hey guys. Today I’m going to be sharing with you how I put apple cider vinegar into my hair. You may have already seen my apple cider vinegar blemish control video, that one covered all the uses for apple cider vinegar on your skin. This video we are going to look at its uses for hair care.

The acidic properties of apple cider vinegar are known to be highly beneficial to your hair. It helps to remove build up of product residue from your hair. It restores your hairs natural PH balance as well as helping to close your cuticles and if you use it for a long enough time it can even repair and prevent split ends.

What you want to do is dilute the vinegar with water before apply it to your hair this helps to reduce the acidity. You can use this daily as an alternative to conditioning but I tend to just do this around once a week to keep my hair looking and feeling great.

I use an empty mustard bottle when making my hair solution simply make a 50×50 blend of apple cider vinegar to water and after washing and conditioning as normal I apple the acv to my scalp making sure to work into the hair.


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