EarAche Gone in a DAY! 2 Kids Tested, Mom Approved!

Ear ache cured with ACV!

Dinking Around {DING-KING UH-ROUND}


I want to share a success story of recent ear probs in my daughters, 3 and 6 years of age. Also, myself.
Lately, I’ve been finding Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to be a useful tool. My chickens get it, and have never gotten worms or sick. My Parakeet was sick and foaming from the mouth not eating. I added some in water and food, within a day was a HUGE turn around. Boosts my energy. Among other things…
My darling 6yr old started badly crying of an earache. Knowing she loves to get ear infections, and get them bad, we thought, “Uh Oh! Docs here we come!“. But, first I wanted to try something. I’ve read mixed reviews about placing ACV into the ear. There were great turnouts with mixing ACV with water. In which some said, “NO! Putting fluid into the ear will push it…

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