Natural Digestion Booster – Apple Cider Vinegar

In this video Kayla talks about the best ways to use apple cider vinegar and some of the health effects it can offer. Although somewhat lacking in knowledge, in our opinion Kayla more than makes up for this with her high energy infection personality and clear passion of this great wellness drink.


Hi guys in Kayla here, today I’m going to talk about apple cider vinegar. It’s one of my most popular posts on my blog, so I wanted to do a follow up and show you guys exactly what I’m talking about. I put it in a fancy little glass because I like to feel fancy so I used one of my dad’s crystal glasses.

When buying apple cider vinegar be sure to only buy the ACV that includes the ‘mother’ the mother is a living enzyme that is found in raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and is the part responsible for many of the health benefits ACV can offer.

Now I will warn you this stuff does not taste nice, but if you are one of those people who go out and drink alcohol every weekend then you really have no excuses as they both taste horrible but at least ACV comes with some benefits for your body.

When to take:

I love this stuff and although I initially started just taking one glass a day, I now make sure to find the time at least twice a day. Normally just before bed and first thing in the mornings when I wake up as I find it a great way to kick start my day.

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  1. What a great post, thanks for sharing.

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