Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

This is a great post explaining how apple cider vinegar can work wonders on your hair. Check it out.

Life Inspired

Experiencing a weighted greasy head? Does your  hair have oily roots no matter how many times you wash it? Then I have a solution for you! Apple Cider Vinegar! Um, wait what? Yes you read that right, apple cider vinegar can work wonders for your hair. Recently I found that rinsing your hair with vinegar can clear build up as well as promote shiny hair. After doing some in-depth research on the validity of using vinegar in the shower this is what I found.

*Science Time! – Our hair is considered to be mildly acid and has a natural pH level of around 4.5, which is why apple cider vinegar makes the perfect rinse because it has a pH level of about 2.9. Our everyday hair products typically have a very high pH level around 8 or 9! Aside from pH levels it also increases blood circulation in the scalp…

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