Apple Cider Vinegar For Cats (Bladder Stones / Kidney Stones)

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I’ve been using apple cider vinegar regularly for many years and have always found it to be highly successful at keeping my long running problem with heartburn under control. However, recently I have found out a lot more about this remarkable liquid. It all started a couple of months ago when my cat ‘Harry’ became ill. We weren’t sure of what was wrong at first and after a day or so we decided that a trip to the vets was in order.

After a long drive and lengthily chat with the kind vet we found out that the issue was related to bladder stones and the only real option would be a costly operation.

Of course hastily took to the internet and done some research which soon pointed me in the direction of apple cider vinegar as a possible remedy. This sounded like it was worth a shot and as we already had a bottle of Braggs raw organic apple cider vinegar in the cupboard what was there to lose?

I was surprised how easy it was to get Harry to eat the ACV, we simply added some to ‘wet food’ that he had been avoiding for the last few days as he became noticeably ill. After noticing that it wasn’t putting him off his food I even added a spoonful to his water which was consumed within the first night.

The next morning we could see definite signs of improvement, Harry was now active back to vocally asking for breakfast in his own high pitch way. Over the following week he continued to improve purring contently as he delivered mouse after mouse to our doorstep.  All I can say is that without apple cider vinegar we may have lost a key member of our family and we are strong advocates for its use in healthy remedies and around the home.

So Don’t delay go grab yourself a bottle of ACV today and see for yourself.

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