Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Life

Good morning everyone, I’m here with another supplement tip for the day. You may be the type of person that spends hours searching for the latest and greatest supplements to improve your health and your body weight, you even watch Dr Oz and even search the internet. Well, I know I do and during my research one name kept popping up and that’s apple cider vinegar. Today I’m showing you the Braggs apple cider vinegar, I know this is one of the best brands available and you can be assured of good quality when you buy the Braggs brand.

So what are some of the health benefits? Well, If you have high blood sugar it helps to bring your blood sugar down. It’s also going to help with digestion, helping you digest all that food better which in turn will help you to lose a lot of weight. One of my clients lost 13 pounds in just three weeks while using apple cider vinegar.

ACV also helps to balance your bodies PH, if your body is too acidic that can lead to a lot more disease, apple cider vinegar has a powerful alkalizing effect on the body which is hugely beneficial. Apple cider vinegar also has antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties which means it can work wonders for people suffering skin conditions including psoriasis.

Apple cider vinegar is often used as a shampoo alternative, it helps to remove the build up of products left from your hair care routine. ACV is also a good source of pectin and in some studies had been shown to help lower cholesterol.

So how do you use apple cider vinegar?

There are a lot of different ways that people use it, but this is what I tell people, use one to two tablespoons with some honey in warm water, I say to add the honey as apple cider vinegar has a slightly sharp taste and isn’t the nicest smelling product on the shelves but after adding honey and that little bit of warm water its going to be a lot more palatable. It’s best to drink just before your meals as ACV contains digestive enzymes that help your body to break down your food.

When buying apple cider vinegar make sure to look for the cobweb like structures floating in the bottom of the bottle, this stuff is called the mother and is responsible for many of apple cider vinegars amazing health benefits.

So yea get down to your local health store today and start feeling great today, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


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